04 September 2014

Biking under the influence!

 And then there were six.
Big Brother had to leave earlier because of work! He had a connecting flight to Nagoya where he stayed for a couple of days before finally going back to Manila. 

Anyway, we went to church to hear mass and then at Hilton Hotel for lunch to meet my aunt's friends in Japan. I didn't get to take photos for Instagram because I was so hungry. We always try to dress fancy whenever we're eating in a hotel. 

My aunt didn't have anything planned that day so my siblings and I decided to check out the comprehensive park near the neighborhood.
I didn't want to go (I'm not really an outdoor person)  but they told me we can drink while biking ;) So, I immediately changed my pants to shorts. HAHA
I always try the local beers of the countries I visit.
I should make a compilation of the beers I've tried, no?
Okinawa's Orion Beer
w/ my drinking Buddy, A

w/ my bullies
Koi Feeding

 Strange things I can do when drunk: 

Group-selfie with little Uchinanchyus!
 Despite the language barrier we managed to make small conversations and take selfies with the kids. My convo with a kid ended when he answered my question "Ogenki desu ka?" 
They thought we were Koreans too!

Gimme some love!

More random stories soon!

Okinawa, Japan 2014


  1. Yes. You should make a compilation of the beers you've tried. Haha :D

  2. yay for biking!!!! not the biggest fan of beer in general, but yes it would be interesting to see local beers you've tried in the places you've travelled to!

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