29 July 2014


It's always a good idea to wear the right and comfortable clothing when traveling. A couple of years ago, I would wear boots/creepers, leather jackets and go all-out even if we're just going to Boracay/Subic. But recently, I find myself bringing sneakers instead of my go-to Dr Martens (or I'm just getting old? HAHA). I always ask my sister to check the weather so I can prepare if it's going to be sunny or rainy. 

Sweater, Thrifted, Dongdaemun, Korea
Jeans, Topman
Button-down, H&M
Brogues, Thrifted, Dongdaemun, Korea
Sunnies, SM Department Store

The moment I found this button-down with hood, I knew it was match a made in heaven - I hate bringing umbrellas (except for the Daiso/100YEN transparent ones). It's so cool and convenient that I don't have to bring an umbrella when it's raining.
This outfit reminds me of Pop Art because of the print and color scheme. I also like the juxtaposition with the gloomy weather.
The Brothers
The main reason why we went to Kobe is to try the famous Kobe Beef. On our way, we saw this Japanese karinderya in the subway station and found the best stir-fried noodles!

Did you spot the clothes hanger in front? #OnlyInJapan

On our way to the only place to visit in Kobe, the Kobe Tower. #ButFirstLetMeTakeASelfie


Do you want to play with my Pocky? LOL
 Don't forget to snap a photo at the giant Pocky Ad inside the tower.
Even my folks couldn't say no! HAHA
A trip to Japan wouldn't be complete without a stopover at the Pokemon Center!
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    1. Thanks Alejandro! I really appreciate it :)

  2. so cute!! i love your pants and suspenders!! and I'm dying over that huge pocky!!! :D

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