21 July 2014


"The deer petting me"

My dad planned everything for our second day in Japan so I didn't really know what to expect when he told me we're going to Nara. I've seen pictures of my friends petting deers and I've always wanted to feed one (for Instagram HAHA). But being terified of friendly animals (dogs, chickens, hamster - I'm weird like that) anything with more than two legs, I'm the only one in the family who doesn't have a photo hugging a deer. #scaredycat #I'dRatherTouchASnakeOrATiger
  They're cute tho!

Bruisers Shirt, SM Department Store
Pant, ZARA
Black Brogues, Zara
Eye Glasses, SM Department Store

Who knew I can pull off an all black outfit?
I've always wanted to prove to my haters that I can wear clothes that aren't neon. HAHA

I'm currently addicted to the Split Pic App which makes you take multiple shots in one photo. Perfect for travel #ootd
The weather was perfect! I think it played around 13'C-20'C. 
Gimme some love on Chictopia and Lookbook <3 p="">

We also spotted Japanese preschoolers on their field trip. Kawaii! 
Matchy Matchy with Baby Bear
The Obligatory Wacky Family Shot

I love my weird family <3 p="">

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  1. hello!! you are looking fantastic in this darker ensemble!! :D
    aahh.. i wanna see japan! :)

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