19 July 2014


If you're one of my super friends or stalkers on Instagram (LOL) then you probably know that I went to Japan last Spring/Summer. My mom wanted to visit her sister in Okinawa (more on that later) and being in charge of everything, I made our entry point to Osaka and return trip from Nagoya adding side trips and visiting places we haven't been at. This trip is not that action-packed like our trip last 2012. And now that we have Baby Bear ʕु•̫͡•ʔु☂ in the jungle, we wanted to recreate this photo:

Don't forget to go at the Osaka Museum of Housing & Living and see an indoor replica of an old Japanese town. You can choose and rent a kimono too!  

I chose a white Kimono to give contrast in our pictures because my siblings can't pull of anything other than black. #WhiteSheepOfTheFamily

Just in case you're wondering, those are not real dogs! I wouldn't be walking there if they were real dogs. #MedyoTakot

Watch this video I made with my phone for Instagram. #MedyoBitin

This is SO staged. HAHAHA

The Bullies!
Meet my side kick and arm.
I can't wait to tell you guys about our shenanigans in Tokyo and Nagoya (we extended and had a different flight, more on that later too!)
We always have to eat at Matsuya every time we're in Japan. That's their version of our local karinderya. I always wonder when will we have food ticket machine restaurants here in Manila.
They have the best Gyudon I've tasted in my life (lol, strong words) plus they're cheap! 

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Here's a photo I'll probably regret eight years from now:
"Push mo yan"

I'll be blogging about Nara and Kobe next. Watch out for that!

Osaka 2014

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  1. Great photos, Aivan! Japan really is beautiful and I love how fascinating the culture and history is there. You look great in a kimono! <3