02 March 2014


I fiiiiiinallyyy have the time (and energy) to update my rotting blog. 
What better way to start this comeback post than.. with a travel throwback?
And not just any travel throwback: Top 5 things to do in Nami Island Throwback!

1. When in Nami Island.. wear something romantic! #WinterSonataVibes
I didn't get to do this during my first visit tho because it was too cold.
Shirt, SM Department Store
Pants, H&M
Brogues, H&M

2. When in Nami Island.. rent a bicycle!
Fall 2013 
It's nice to see the lake not frozen!
Winter 2011
It's more fun if you're with your girlfriend mom!

Don't forget to try Sky Biking as well.

3. When in Nami Island.. eat authentic Bulgogi and Kimchi!
It's best paired with Cass, South Korea's local beer.

4. When in Nami Island.. walk along the metasequoia footpath!

5. When in Nami Island.. take photos!
Fall 2013
Winter 2011
And don't forget to have a picture taken under the breast-feeding-mom statue!

Watch out for my post on Everland and Trickeye Museum!

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August 2013

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