22 November 2013

Antwerp, Belgium

 I know I promised a Part 2 of my Amsterdam trip for my next post but let me share a few photos first from my short visit in Belgium.

 My dad drove from Rotterdam (The Netherlands) to Antwerp - the second largest city (next to Brussels) in Belgium. We left my tita's house aroud 5AM and arrived at the Grote Markt at 7AM. I slept the whole time and found myself waking up to this:
I wouldn't mine waking up to that everyday. 

It's so majestic! (How my little brother described the Gildenhuizen) 

 Immaculate Leather Jacket
Sweater, Baguio City
Taupe Jeans, Terranova
Creepers, Thrifted, Harujuku, Japan
Scarf, stolen from my mom's closet, Mango 
 Everything in that place looked so rich, sophisticated and classy... even my big brother! HAHA
 Second Destination: Het Steen
Looks like they're dancing Oppa Gangnam Style, no? :))
 And of course, I just have to do it also. HAHA
You can't say you've been to Belgium without a short visit at a local pub! #Hoegaarden

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  1. love your jacket!!! loving these pictures!!! the architecture is amaze balls! haha!

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