05 November 2013


I used to hate flowers. I've always thought they're overrated and expensive. I never gave my ex girlfriend a bouquet (I know, I'm a douche) and my flower arrangements back in Interior Design school sucked balls. For our second day in the Netherlands, the family drove from Rotterdam to the so-called Garden of Europe, Keukenhof (in Lisse). And it gave me a deeper appreciation with flowers.
I thought it's impossible, but there are more Tulips than grass in Keukenhof. @__@

Keukenhof is open annually from mid-March to mid-May. According to my tita, the best time to view the tulips is around mid-April, depending on the weather.
I remember seeing pictures of my beloved grandmother (my mom's mama bear) in Keukenhof. I can't explain how happy and emotional my mom was.
"Take a picture of me here, Aivan. May picture dito Inang mo."
She even wore floral pants. Kyot!

I've never seen so many beautiful flowers in my life, and they smell good as well!

Photos by my sister, Angel

My mom was so high after seeing all the tulips and smelling all the violets. She brought indoor clogs for all of us! I'll Instagram it soon. HAHA

I found these giant pair of clogs that are too cute to pass for a photo! 
My bears are the sweetest people I know!
Second Destination: Ann Frank's Huis at Prinsengracht Canal
Check out the canal houses at Prinsengracht - city planning at its best!

The water may not be crystal clear but I envy them rich Dutch teenagers chillin and drinking (and probably smoking weed too) in their own yachts/boats. I suddenly missed my friends and wished they were there with me.

I don't mind waking up with this view everyday. 
Decided to wear my sweater as a scarf because I saw a lot of rich cool Dutch kids doing it. #KunwariMayaman HAHA

Too bad we didn't have time to eat, Im sure it would be lovely and romantic to dine by the canals.

My brother wanted to bike but we all gone hater mode and said no. I regret.
Third Destination: Check out the directional sign I spotted at Madurodam (a miniature theme park). 
Where to go next?


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  1. aahhh.. gorgeous bed of flowers!!!! they look so unreal sa sobrang dami!!! :D
    i love your outfit!!! dalang dala mo ang rich look, hahaha! :D LOVE IT! :D

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  2. Your shirt is amazing!



  3. You look great! Beautiful photos. The colors r so vibrant.
    And we have the same tuxedo blazer haha :)