24 November 2013

Amsterdam 2.0

As promised, let me share my crazy Amsterdam Experience and "to do list":
1. Tulip fields outside Keukenhof - even buzzfeed suggests you visit this place in the Netherlands!
I remember passing by these majestic fields on our way home. Ahh, byootipul! 
Don't forget to smell the violets too! 
2. De Wallen (Amsterdam's Red-light District) 
I couldn't focus on the neighborhood's architecture because of the window prostitution. HAHA
Check out the banana-having-sex-with-a-girl signage. LOLOLOL
Amsterdam is indeed all about loosening up and having fun. 
4. Scheveningen - My cool and funny tita wanted to surprise us by bringing us to a nude beach. Unfortunately, it was a bit chilly and no one was naked! It's still a good place to chill and drink with friends tho.

5. Drink beer! (Only if you're 18 and above! HAHA) The photo is not distorted, okay. They have bigger serving for beer!  I even witnessed two guys throwing beers at each other in the metro. #Bukol 

6. Buy Clogs - I bought soft clogs tho for house slippers. If ever you come visit me at home, you'll see me wearing these while washing the dishes. LOL

How about you? Have you been to the city of sin? Share your experience and your to do list.

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