16 October 2013


 Venice is probably one of the most interesting and lovely places in the world. Some find it overrated and too crowded tho, but for a closet geek like me, who loves rich architecture and enjoys people watching while getting lost looking for Piazza San Marco, Venice has a unique and romantic charm that appeals to me.     

 Getting there, we parked our car in Mestre and took a five minute train ride to Venezia Santa Lucia. Did you know that Venice is the world's only pedestrian city? It simply means, there are no cars but only vaporetti (water buses/taxis). Walking can be exhausting, overwhelming and confusing, so be prepared to get lost as it is very common.
 Grand Canal

  Walking, standing and taking pictures all day makes it a different but pleasant experience. #TouristAtItsBest

Speaking of tourists, according to my research, there are more tourists than residents in Venice. How crazy is that? 

 Happy Birthday, dumpling! (The reason why we went to Europe)
1 May 2013

 Blazer, stolen from my brother's closet, A
Shirt, stolen from my mom's closet
Pants, H&M
Radio Bag, thrifted, Chatchak Market, Thailand
Creepers, Harajuku, Japan
 Grand Canal from Rialto Bridge
 Rialto Bridge

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