21 October 2013

Monte Carlo

 Monte Carlo is probably the most legit place I've been at. I felt so poor spotting rich businessmen with their super stylish girlfriends stepping out of their Lamborghinis and Ferraris while I'm drinking my-not-so-masarap-pinilit-nalang-ubusin guava flavored Minute Maid. 

My attempts to look richer: One, by wearing a velvet blazer. Two, sexily pushing my hair back like Aaron Samuels. 
Trenitalia is the best!
It's amazing how you can travel to another country via train in Europe. 
 Monte Carlo is very clean compared to Paris and Rome.

 Blazer, Topman
Studded Shirt, Forever21
Jeans, Terranova 
Boots, Dr Martens

 Palais Princier De Monaco
"The Grimaldi's Crib"

 The View

 It only takes one hour to see the whole Monte Carlo when you ride this super cute train. 

 Ah, I miss this!
There's nothing better than having brunch with your family while people watching in Monte Carlo. Everyone looks so classy and professional. 
 Three Cheese Sandwich - NOMNOMNOM
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I still have so many pictures to share. 
Milan, Como, Amsterdam, and Rome - coming soon!

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