03 September 2013


 Au revoir Paris, Ciao Milano!
Cap, Thrifted, Xilin Night Market, Taiwan
Sweater, Baguio City
Scarf, Stolen from my mom's closet
Jeans, Zara Man
Boots, Dr Martens

We had three options going to Italy (by plane, train or bus) and chose to travel via Eurolines because: one, it's the cheapest option; two, taking a sleeper bus will save us one night of hotel booking; three, a day tour in Switzerland giving us a glimpse of Geneva. #StingyAtItsBest
Look! Their bus system is as efficient and organized as the train system.

 The Famous, French Alps


 We left Gallieni around 11PM and arrived at Milano Centrale at 1PM! 
 The mini van that my dad rented. Just imagine him saying, "I'm driving in Europe!!!"

Pisa, Firenze and Venezia, coming soon!