07 July 2013

Au revoir, Paris!

 Au revoir, Paris!

For our last day in the City of Lights, we finally went inside the Glass Pyramid to see Mona Lisa. 
I suggest you get a Museum Pass if you're planning to visit the Louvre. The line was really long (like Bloggers-United-5-times-3 long) and I feel bad for cutting through the long lines. #SorryNotSorry
 Studs Overload

Cap, Thrifted, Shilin Night Market in Taipei
Studded Shirt, Forever21
Studded Jacket, DIY
Jeans, Zara
Boots, Dr Martens

I'm a closet geek. That's why I always try to look kickass (and out-of-place) when we visit museums and wearing the Immaculate Leather Jacket is the best way to go. If you notice, I added a few more studs. I'm gradually adding more studs everytime I wear it.

 Can you see the freaking line from both sides? I felt like a VIP when we went straight to the entrance. Can you just imagine the faces of the people in the line? HAHA

Who do you think has the best tourist photo in the Louvre?
 The touch
 The heart
 The preggers

I seriously look pregnant because of my (secret) money belt.
 The touch 2.0
 Hug me!
Mama Bear wins!

That's the closest I can get to her, sobrang daming may gusto makita si Mona Lisa!

Trivia: My dad didn't even bother going inside Mona Lisa's Room 
 Second Museum: Musée d' ORSAY
 Bought books as a souvenir. #GeekMode 
Biggest clock I've seen in my life!
 Third Destination: Pont de l'Archevêché
 Paris' Lovers Bridge
Fourth Destination: The Eiffel Tower

I swear, the tower looks like a giant chocolate in person. #ParangAngSarapKainin
Best way to spend our last day in Paris: Eating Macarons from Ladurée at the Tour Eiffel with the ones that matter.

Au revoir, Paris!
Photos by my sister, Angel

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Switzerland, Italy, Monaco and The Netherlands, coming soon!

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