21 June 2013

Day 4 at the City of Love

 Day 4 Itinerary: Jardin du Luxembourg - Les Voilers du Luxembourg - Fontaine Saint-Michel - Pont Saint-Michel - Palais du Louvre - Napoleon Courtyard - La Pyramide
 I wore only two layers that day (Worst Idea Ever)
I didn't even bring a freaking scarf! #SakitSaNipples TMI

The weather went down from 15'C to 4'C. 
We all assumed it would be warmer because day three was a sando-type of day. My sister even wore shorts and a sheer top. HAHAHA
First Destination: Jardin du Luxembourg, the second largest park in Paris.


 Day Off Photo

 Chillin like a villain
 Like father, like son!
 with Chicken Feet!
 Dumplings Unite! 
 Floral on Floral
 Mama Bear looking cute with her floral pants. It was a wear-floral day.
 Pose pose din pag may time.
I'm the most kulit and happy traveler in the family!

 Kunwari Paparazzi Shot #KUYA #FAIL
 Second Destination: Panthéon
 If you look closely enough, you can see the Eiffel Tower. It's amazing how you can see the tower wherever you are in Paris.

 Neoclassicism at its best!

 Third Destination: Eglise St-Severin, a small church in the heart of Paris. Our visit here was not planned but I'm glad we passed by while getting lost. We even witnessed the choir practicing. It has an unusual pillar that looks like a palm tree which makes it special from the other churches we've visited.

 Fourth Destination: Fontaine Saint-Michel

 Here's another Day Off Photo HAHA
 Looking at this photo reminds me of how cold that day was. Look at the couple all layered up but still freezing. 
 Fifth Destination: Pont Saint-Michel
 Fifth Destination: Palais du Louvre and Napoleon's Courtyard
 The Lost Losers #InsideJoke

Just in case you're curious why I call my family certain names: When we travel, we always have a buddy system. 
The Bears - Mom and Dad. They walk very slow and usually stop when they see a stall selling good food.
The Dumplings - My sister and I. SOMETIMES with my baby brother too. We're the cool ones.
The Lost Losers - They always get lost. HAHA
The Louvre Museum at 8PM (yes, it's still bright and cloudy). #WalangTao
Day 5 (Versailles Palace) and 6 (Louvre Museum) COMING SOON!

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  1. Aivan! You seem to living the life with all these travels! Lucky youuuuu <3

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Hi Melai! I'm blessed with very hardworking and loving bears. How are you? Kilig naman that you're here in my blog. Haven't seen you for the longest time. Didn't see you last BU5 pa. Hopefully, all is well with you and see ya around :)