11 June 2013

Day 3 in the City of Lights!

 Bonjour! Day Three in the city of lights!
The Obligatory Metropolitain Tourist Outfit Shot
Sweater, Custom-made, Baguio City #PrimitiveRevival
Scarf, Landmark
Acid wash jeans, Topman
Creepers, Thrifted, Harajuku, Japan
Sunnies, H&M
 Day Three Itinerary:  Basilique du Sacré-Coeur at Montmartre, Moulin Rouge and the Eiffel Tower (again, but this time, up-close)
 From my research, a lot of people said the street from the Metro to Sacré-Coeur is very sketchy..
Sketchy? More like lovely!
Fortunately, we didn't experience any pickpockets or scams. #I'mFromManilaBitch 
Maybe I can do a separate blog post on how to keep your valuables (passport, money, ticket, etc) safe and hidden. 
 Basilique du Sacré-Coeur = Gleaming white-marble Byzantine-Romanesque Basilica! #Belle
 Matchy matchy with Baby Bear
 Obviously, this has nothing compared to Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain). 
 Amazing view of Paris.
I still think the Arc de Triomphe has the best view of Paris but that's debatable.
(Just check the links and see it for yourself)

 In case you didn't realize, that statue is actually a busker (street perfomer). Fooled me when I passed by, my brother just told me. Amazing!

Isn't she lovely?

 After having lunch at Place du Tertre, we walked all the way to the Red Light District of Paris (which is nothing compared to Amsterdam!)
My little brother a.k.a. Baby Bear, Angello
+10 chic points for the Primitive Sweater and Red Pants combo!
 I'll definitely watch a show the next time I visit Paris!
 I think medyo nagsawa ako sa Eiffel Tower.
I can make a collage with the Eiffel Tower on the background in different angles.
 We also passed by the tunnel where Princess Diana died but my photo is blurry so I'm not posting. HAHA
 I still can't believe I've seen the real thing, my mom is sick of me saying that.
What's under the tower?
Scammers + Tourists (a lot of good looking tourists, my sister got overwhelmed and was on stalker mode, LOL) + Overpriced stalls + Tourists + Tourists + Tourists HAHAHA
 It was so hot that day, (the weather went up to 22'C from 12'C, I even took off my sweater) thank god for granito (slurpees). 5€ or 250PHP #Mahal
 We bought two: my sister and I shared while the bears shared for the blue one. #MiddleClassProblems

 Awesome Idea by my sister!
We got back to our apartment and after dinner, around 1130, we went back to the Tower to see it with lights! 
It's 10x more beautiful!

 Ooh la la!

Gimme some love!

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