06 June 2013


 Here are some photos from my phone during the super successful, Bloggers United 5, kudos to The Fashion Commuter a.k.a. Ana Gonzales and Drowning Equilibriums' Aisa Ipac (wala tayong picture, HUHU): 
Tarpaulin by my boothmate, Ral!
 I haven't seen Ral since Interior Design school and it's so nice to catch up with her.
Matchy Matchy (Ral is my first victim of my "paandar" Igorot Headress, thanks to Alrenz Cabasa for the idea LOL)
Another Blogger Friend Victim, Sarah Tirona 
Another Victim, booth neighbor, Reese Lansangan!
She has the coolest stuff from accessories to shoes. And she doesn't like sitting and chilling HAHA #InsideJoke

Another victim, blogger friend and fellow Benildean, Dani Barretto!
Wacky wacky din pag may time!
 Paul the PR Guy, lakad ng lakad, ikot ng ikot!
 Thanks so much for answering my mails, Ana! See you soon :)
 My brother, A and Ana. Names palang bagay na! HAHA
 Have fun in Spain, Miko! HUHU Nakakainggit! Don't forget my pabili :P
 Thanks to Alrenz, may "paandar" nadin ako. HAHA
Don't forget to check out his blog too!

More photos of my victims: 

@alysasaluta with #BrothersUnited

Fact: I don't have a photo with my brother during BU5 in my phone. If you happen to take a picture with us, please send it to me!

@msjennyred with #BrothersUnited
I look super bait sa photo natin HAHA
 @kristinegv with #BrothersUnited 
I'll let you know when I'm in Tarlac, pasyal mo ko ha! HAHA

@acidburnedsoulx - We should take more photos next time and hopefully its not that blurry! HAHA 
Baby is so cute and fashionable, I'm sure super chic siya when she grows up. I forgot to carry her, I saw a few bloggers carry her. Hindi kasi ako lapitin sa bata eh T__T
 with Shaynna Manabat, pretty girl!
 with U-Ned Belleza Algabre
 with @itsmedanaerika - Our photo from your camera is better!
 Check out her skirt, coolio!
 with schoolmate, Aly Bautista
C U around SDA :)
Wacky wacky with @christianfreo

June 2013

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