10 February 2013

Sweater + Beach = Perfect Combo

 Cap, Thrifted, Shilin Night Market, Taiwan
Custom Made Sweater, Baguio City, Philippines
DIY Shredded Jeans, Folded and Hung
Creepers, Harajuku, Japan
Sunglasses, ALDO
 Virgin Island, Bohol
 For our third and last day in Bohol, we hired a local fisherman to bring us in the Virgin Island. After haggling and making "paawa", we agreed for 500 bucks. It's a little sketchy (and not safe at all, walang life vest!) but the experience is something I'll never forget. I really enjoyed my older brother and sister's company. We didn't fight for five days, FIVE FREAKING DAYS. If you really knew me, you would know that most of the time, I just want to be alone and can get really moody and cranky. My friends call it "bitch mode" time. Going back to Bohol, don't miss the Virgin Island when you're in Bohol. Just make sure it's low tide because the island sinks during high tide!

 The Virgin Island at 8AM

 I miss wearing my shredded pants, DLS-CSB has a strict dress code :(

 White Sand + Crystal Clear Water = I love Bohol!
The Obligatory Topless(-ish) Shot

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Bohol 2013


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  2. The outfit looks great! It makes you really look really cute :)

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