05 January 2013

Online Shopping at its best!

 Sweater, Baguio City
Pants, H&M Hong Kong
Creepers, Harajuku, Japan
Cap, Shilin Night Market, Taiwan
Photos by Kenneth Beltran Banda of MADHOUSE MNLwww.madhousemnl.com
Hey guys! I just met Dexter Ginete at the very successful Bloggers United 4 and introduced me to Kosmos- the latest online shopping site that sells high-end products such as computers, gadgets, furniture, clothing and much more. The site aims to give their customers a satisfying experience by delivering the products in 2-5 business days.
Here's what I found on Kosmos!
Tom Tailor, White Shirt
OXYGEN, Exchange Diver Moby Dick 44, Watch

This look is very suitable for casual Sundays because you can never go wrong with the basic white shirt, comfy jeans and sneakers. I also found an interchangeable watch from Oxygen to complete the look!
Edge Wear, Baseball Tee 
OXYGEN, Exchange Sport Dual Time Pacific 40, Watch

I've been looking for a good basball shirt and I think I just found it! An all black ensemble is the way to go with this tee with the super cool interchangeable watch from Oxygen completing the look.
 I'm going to Bohol and Cebu for Sinulog and I think Oxygen's Exchange Diver is perfect for the outfits I've prepared for beach parties.

Don't forget to check out Kosmos.com.ph for more!

I'm smelling a collaboration with Kosmos and I can't wait for it. For the meantime, gimme some love with my first look for 2013 wearing the Pantone color, Emerald. #FumafashionForward



Highlights of my 2012:

1. Taking up BS Architecture in DLS-CSB 
2. Traveling 
3. -5'C in Seoul, Korea
4. Elephant Back Riding in Ayutthaya, Thailand
5. Taipei 101 
6. Steepest Roller Coaster in Fujikyu Highland 
7. Getting scammed in Bangkok, Thailand
8. Cherry Blossoms in Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan

Here's my last look for 2012:

Gimme some love!

2013, hit me with your best shot!