14 December 2013

Vatican City

Second Day Itinerary: St. Peter's Basilica - Sistine Chapel - Vatican Museum
St. Peter's Basilica is the holiest place I've been to.
Upon entering St. Peter's Basilica, I had the feeling that someone was watching me. I felt safe, protected, blessed, and loved. Looking at the crepuscular rays made me emotional. I wanted to cry but I didn't. For the first time in my life, I TRULY felt God's presence. 
I remember telling my mama bear who has pusong mamon to pull it together. 
Hugging her after hearing mass (nagets namin kahit Italian HAHA) just felt right and perfect.
 And then Blogger Mode and Architecture/Interior Design Geek na ulit!
I take back what I said about Solomonic Columns. The Baldacchino is the best column I've ever seen in my life!
Cap, Thrifted, Xilin Night Market, Taiwan
Blazer, Stolen from my brother A's closet, SM Department Store
Pants, Terranova
Brogues, H&M
 Most of the photos were taken by my sister, Angel 
Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel
Eat your heart out The Venetian! #Nakakaiyak
I didn't get to take pictures of the Sistine Chapel #bawal but it gave me more time to appreciate Michelangelo's painting!
I try to read at least three paintings of Michelangelo and Raphael every night. My Professor in Decorative Arts must be proud. #Geek 
I also found this sculpture with my surname on it. #KunwariMayItalianLineage  
And then it was time for lunch!
Yes, I had my own pizza pie because that's how we, Italians eat our pizza. #NoSharing  
Castel Sant'Angelo was surprisingly awesome. 
It has the best view towards Rome and the Vatican City. Definitely worth the (273618315-step stairs) climb!

Last Destination: Fontana di Trevi at Night
I made another wish but this time throwing with my right hand over my left shoulder! #SanaMagkatotoo
I asked for a girlfriend LOLOLOL
 The Colosseum is next!

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Hell week (finals) is almost over and I hope I get to work on my backlogs during Christmas Break.
I still have two days for Rome, Singapore trip last August, Korea trip last September, and the very successful BU6 - keep on sending our photos on Instagram/Twitter!

03 December 2013

Rome + BU6 Ticket Giveaway (Closed)

"The Glory that was Greece; The Grandeur that was Rome." -Edgar Allan Poe
Upon seeing the Colosseum, I remember my favorite professor quoting Edgar Allan Poe referring to the great empire that Rome controlled, and the lavish buildings that the Romans built. One can never really understand and explain how Edgar compared Helen to the grandeur city of Rome, Italy. One have to 
see it for himself to truly understand.

First Destination: Sant'Agnese in Agone at the artsy Piazza Navona

Second Destination: The Pantheon  

I thought of wearing my brother's velvet blazer and "meander-band" pants for a more classic and appropriate look.
Check out baby bear munching on Gelato.
Tip: Don't forget to try Giolitti's Gelato at via Uffici del Vicario near the Pantheon. I also heard it's Obama's daughter's favorite ice cream parlor in Italy.
Check out the coffers! #Geek

Third Destination: Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain)

Tip: Coin throwing - Throw your coin using your right hand over your left shoulder (or else.. your wish won't come true! LOL).

After throwing my first coin someone approached and corrected me. I think I threw a total of five coins just to make sure. HAHA (My mom brought soo many "piso" LOL)

Third Destination: The Altare della Patria (the Italian version of the Luneta Park featuring the monument of Victor Emmanuel, the first king of Italy)

Fourth Destination: Roman Forum
Fifth Destination: The Colosseo (The Colosseum)

As an Architecture Student, I was really happy to have seen both the Colosseum and Pantheon in person. I've seen it many times in movies and my history professor's powerpoint. But seeing (I also sat on a Corinthian Capital LOL - more on that later) it in flesh, surely made me more passionate with arts and design.

Velvet Blazer, Stolen from my brother A's closet, Topman
Shirt, Surplus Shop
"Meander-band" Pants, H&M
Brogues, H&M

Matchy matchy with Mama Bear!

Our first day in Rome was very overwhelming, no? We decided to actually enter each tourist sites on different days. Watch out for that!

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24 November 2013

Amsterdam 2.0

As promised, let me share my crazy Amsterdam Experience and "to do list":
1. Tulip fields outside Keukenhof - even buzzfeed suggests you visit this place in the Netherlands!
I remember passing by these majestic fields on our way home. Ahh, byootipul! 
Don't forget to smell the violets too! 
2. De Wallen (Amsterdam's Red-light District) 
I couldn't focus on the neighborhood's architecture because of the window prostitution. HAHA
Check out the banana-having-sex-with-a-girl signage. LOLOLOL
Amsterdam is indeed all about loosening up and having fun. 
4. Scheveningen - My cool and funny tita wanted to surprise us by bringing us to a nude beach. Unfortunately, it was a bit chilly and no one was naked! It's still a good place to chill and drink with friends tho.

5. Drink beer! (Only if you're 18 and above! HAHA) The photo is not distorted, okay. They have bigger serving for beer!  I even witnessed two guys throwing beers at each other in the metro. #Bukol 

6. Buy Clogs - I bought soft clogs tho for house slippers. If ever you come visit me at home, you'll see me wearing these while washing the dishes. LOL

How about you? Have you been to the city of sin? Share your experience and your to do list.

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