16 November 2012


 Cap, Thrifted, Shilin Night Market, Taipiei
Cardigan, Baguio City
Pants and Scarf, H&M
Bag, Thrifted, Chatuchak Market, Thailand
Creepers, Harajuku, Japan
 The coolest and craziest mall I've been to, Core Pacific City Living Mall
To all my Architecture and Interior Design readers, what can you say about the Front Elevation of the mall? #Amazeballs
Mister Donuts
Why don't we have these cute doughnuts here in the Philippines?
 Taiwan's Bullet Train

 Translating Architecture to Fashion: Meanderbands
From what I remember back in Interior Design, meanderbands are the repetitive decorative motifs used in Greek and Roman cornices and friezes that defines a specific era or period. #I'mAWalkingGreekTemple
Primitive Revival Day with the mom and brother!
Like in Thailand, Metro Taipei uses tokens instead of cards, I still don't know why.
New Favorite Cap!

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November 2012


  1. Soooo much print. I could never pull that off :P

    1. I'm sure you can, Colin! There's no harm in trying :p

  2. Hi Aivan

    it's my first time to browse your blog and I must say I really like your style!!!! Very pop!!!!

    Have a great day!!! All the love from Tokyo


    1. Hi Gervin! Thank you, I really appreciate that. I should have known you before we went to Japan last Spring, could have asked you about where to eat and go. Have a great day as well :)

    2. Oh! Too bad. But there will be more chances for us to meet especially in Manila. I’ll let you know when I’m going home so we can meet. That is if you’re keen enough. Lol!!!!

    3. If you have pasalubong then anytime and anywhere HAHA