14 September 2012

Singapore Weather in Hong Kong

Shirt, Stop and Style, special thanks to Ronwell Lim
Cardigan, SM Department Store
Pants, Topman
Boots, Dr Martens

The weather was so bipolar that day, I thought I was in Singapore! One minute it would be raining like there's no tomorrow then the sun will come out and it's like 38'C. 

 One of the reasons why we went to Hong Kong is to see what's new in Ocean Park. #AdrenalineJunkies

The Flash
 We tried something like this in Everland (Korea) called The Gyro Swing but I think this is better!
The best way to see the entire park is upside down :p
The babies

 The Hair Raiser
Don't forget to ride this roller coaster, it reminded me of Eejanaika of Fuji-Q-Highland (The roller coaster that holds the most number of loops).
The scariest ride for me would be the Cable Car. No joke. Walang sinturong pangkaligtasan eh!
 The Abyss
 I'm so proud of my little brother for finally riding it!
The View - I feel so badass for taking videos and photos during the ride.
Translating Interior Design to Fashion - Piet Mondrian


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September 2012


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  1. That Paul Frank sweater is everything, and I'm loving your sister's stripe pants!