22 August 2012


 Tracker Hat, Ueno, Japan
Shirt, Thrifted
Yellow Jeans, Chatuchak Market, Thailand
Tribal Shoes, Chatuchak Market, Thailand
Bag, Chatuchak Market, Thailand
Sunnies, SM Department Store
I got the harness necklace from Topman (50% off + Buy One Take One = Amazeballs!!!)
Trivia: Two years ago, you probably won't see me wear sandos/muscle shirts. I'm starting to be comfortable with my body lately. I still think I need to gain some weight (I'm working on it!)

I'm styling for a music video tomorrow, call time is at 5AM and pull out from the location around 1AM (the next day). This is my first time to style somebody besides my mom and brother. Wish me luck!

Gimme some love!

August 2012


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