30 July 2012

10,000BC meets 1980

Cap, Stolen from brother's closet
Shirt, Thrifted
DIY Studded Leather Jacket, Thrifted
Snakeskin Jeans, Topman
Boots, Dr Martens
Necklace, HangTenPH

#PosturaPH - Day 25

 I originally started a blog a few years ago to back up all travel photos, keep Interior Design related stuff for portfolio, and keep in touch with other bloggers.

Last year, I asked a few blogger friends to wear my Igorot stuff for fun and called it Primitive Revival. It went really good at first but I got busy with my thesis in the middle so I didn't get to collaborate with more bloggers.

As an Interior Design graduate and incoming Architecture student, I've always wanted to translate Fashion to Design and vice versa.
Translating Interior Design to Fashion
I designed this chair two years ago inspired by the Neo-Baroque trend but with Pop Art influence. 

I will keep this blog interesting and try to post more "Fashion meets Architecture" articles. 


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Jul 2012

25 July 2012

Bargain Hunt Bazaar

Cardigan, Stolen from my sister's closet, Angel Magno
Cap, Stolen from my brother's closet, Aaron Magno
Pixel Sunnies, Stolen from my brother's closet, A Magno
Shirt, Thrifted
Jeans, Chatuchak Market, Thailand
Boots, Dr Martens

#PosturaPH - Day 24

P.S. I think I got so many clothes from my siblings LOL

During the Super Sale Bazaar, my boothmates, Nicole, Jonard and I planned on treating ourselves with a Yabu lunch, doughnuts from J.CO Doughnuts, shoot my Pop Art shirts and make plans for Bargain Hunt Bazaar.
J.CO Doughnuts at SM Megamall

Photos by Nicole and Jonard
Hello, friends!
Don't forget to drop by the New Megatent along Libis for the Bargain Hunt Bazaar from 27-29 July 2012.
 I'm collaborating with Shop & Style, a clothing retailer for men which offers high-quality, original,  and up-to-date clothes by Ronwell Lim, a UA&P Entrepreneurial Management graduate. 

Here are some of the clothes from his collection:

 Just in case you don't know how to get there!
The New Megatent is sandwiched by Dampa Sa Libis and Wilcon

Entrance Fee is 80PHP

To enter the event for FREE, simply like Wild Events' page at www.facebook.com/wildevents.ph!

See you all there!

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July 2012

23 July 2012

When in doubt, wear leather!

 DIY Studded Leather Jacket, Thrifted
Tribal Shirt, Thrifted
Snakeskin Jeans, Topman
Creepers, Harajuku, Japan
Radio Bag, Chatuchak Market, Thailand
Metal Necklace, Topman

#SuperSaleJuly Day 3 Outfit

I find leather jackets magical, they give me confidence and that kickass attitude every time I wear them.

I know I read somewhere, "When in doubt, wear leather."
 Star Studs = Awesomesauce!
 10,000BC meets 1980
Because of this photo, I now have two dead toenails. LOLOLOL

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July 2012

20 July 2012

Pop Art in Black and White

Cardigan, SM Department Store
Pop Art Shirt, Thrifted
DIY Shredded Jeans, Folded and Hung

 #PosturaPH - Day 23
 Mickey Mouse Necklace <3
 Christian Louboutin Knockoffs 

#SuperSaleJuly Bazaar Day 2 Outfit

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July 2012

19 July 2012

Roy Lichenstein 2012

Jacket, H&M x Divided
Pop Art Shirt, Thrifted
Pants, Chatuchak Market, Thailand
Socks, SM Department Store
Boots, Dr Martens

 #PosturaPH - Day 22
 I might sell these cute shirts again on the 27th for the Wild Events Bazaar in the New Megatent (Libis), will make another post about it!
Nicole Santos of nicolethedressupdoll
Nicole in action! #BloggerMode
Jonard of manilakid
Blasphemy at its best!
 Just modeling the shirts I'm selling!
Thanks for taking my outfit shots, Jonard!

Just in case you're wondering, here's my inspiration:
Trivia: Pop Art Meets Baroque Lounge Chair: I designed this chair a few years ago

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July 2012

12 July 2012


 July 13-15, 2012
Friday to Sunday
World Trade Center, Hall D
The Mecca of Bazaar Shopping

Brought to you by:
PicturePerfect booth

Major sponsors:
Deal Dozen
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Media Partners:
Magic 89.9
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For the benefit of:
World Vision
 Don't forget to drop by my booth! I'll be selling some of my pre-loved clothes :)

08 July 2012


The Immaculate Leather Jacket, Thrifted
Shirt, SM Department Store
DIY Shredded Jeans, Folded and Hung
Creepers, Harajuku, Japan

#PosturaPH - Day 21

I got invited by Patrick Cratius, a fellow lookbooker, to attend and cover Yahoo! OMG Awards Night yesterday at the Mall of Asia Arena. I couldn't say no because I haven't been at the Arena and the Patron VIP Ticket kinda sealed the deal.

If you missed the event, here's what went down last night:
 The Arena at 530.
 There was a long line at 6PM but gates were to open at 8PM. #Crazy
Fortunately, I have a different ticket and went inside like a VIP, thanks so much to Patrick and his boss, Jeng Bauto!
 Jeng, Patrick and Ed
I still can't believe I was that close to the stage!
The "violet" carpet pictures:

Patrick and Sir Rajo Laurel
Rajo Laurel loved my studded jacket and even took a photo of me. He's really nice :) 
Patrick and Miss Divine Lee
#BestDressed #PeplumDress

 How big is that thing? First time to see videocams that big! #WalaSaBundok
Patron-Lower Box-Upper Box-Gen Admission
 The hosts
 The crowd went bananas when he won!

 Anne Curtis' sister, Jasmine is really pretty :)

Tuesday Vargas' tattoo is really interesting

Solenn was the host, announcer and performer.

 Ruffa Mae Quinto's Killer Shoes
Vice Ganda's Killer Shoes

Going back to my outfit, I wanted to wear something kickass and rock and roll since I knew everyone will wear a three-piece suit.

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July 2012