30 June 2012


 Shirt, Bangkok
DIY Shredded Shorts, Guess
Socks, Topman
Shoes, Harajuku, Japan
Sunnies, SM Department Store

#PosturaPH - Day 17
This outfit looks familiar, no?
Well, that's because this is what I wore during the Bloggers United Bazaar a few weeks ago.
I didn't have time to take outfit shots during the event so I wore the same outfit last Sunday.

As promised, here are the photos you guys sent/tweeted:

The only decent photo I have with Raleene and it's candid pa. Haha
Photos by Mark Dizon
 Green and Red
Aries Llavore
Yellow and Green
Photos by Zirjaye Santos
Hello, Andi Comia!
 Albert Soria
 See you next Friday for the OMG Yahoo! Awards Night, Partick Cratius!
I still can't get over your cute bow, RM Marcelo!
David Guison took these photos!
Check out the Blogger Rangers: Seph, Shai and I. Haha
Lanz Paolo
The super friendly, Edward Van Martija who is now sporting green hair!
 It was nice meeting you Jansen Ayson!
 Photos by Mike Magallanes
 The controversial legs
Mike: Are you wearing underwear?
Me: *showed Mike the underwear* Yeah, mayroon naman. Haha
Zoe Venegas

I can't wait for your thesis, Nicole Santos!!!

Thank you so much for the photos!!!

See you all on Bloggers United 4 :)

Gimme some <3
June 2012

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