04 June 2012

Shop til you drop!

I got invited again by Bloggers United to sell my pre-loved clothes last Saturday, 2 June 2012 at Grandview Events Place.

Maraming Salamat Power Puff Girls, Melai of styleandsoul , Ana of thefashionistacommuter and Aisa of drowningequilibriums!
I shared a booth with my good friend, Raleene. Thanks so much for the tarpaulin! It looked like we had a photoshoot. Haha
Kudos for wearing a jacket and 6 inch heels!
NFF, Angeline Rodriguez aka WonderWoman dropped by to pullout my leather jacket for a photoshoot for Hang Ten. Watch out for that!
I saw Melai on her way to the stage and stopped her for a photo, I know she would be busy and that was my only chance to take a photo of her. Haha
Jansen Ayson, one of my loyal readers and Primitive Revival Supporter. It's nice to see you in person, finally!
Lanz Paolo bought my favorite Topman shirts, alagaan mo yun ha! Is that a camera necklace? Coolio!
Mike kept on dropping by my booth. I wonder why.. Hahaha!
Miadore by Yekky
I promise to get one soon, ipon lang ako and isip ng design :D

For Inquiries : SMS 0915-8685958
Email : yekbaling@gmail.com / bjbace@yahoo.com
 Lemuel Urieta
He bought my boots from Korea. I'll be waiting for your outfit post! Just give me the link :)
I always get #Kilig when girls ask for a photo. Hello, nice meeting you!
Andi Comia
It's so nice to meet you. I hope you had fun that day :) Cute bag!
Fellow blogger, Reese dropped by our booth to say hi. She is the female version of Gelo Arucan. She has the coolest hair and accessories!
Arriane Kader of Zalora Philippines bought that cute pink eyeglasses! She also gave me a Zalora Shirt and Tumbler!
Zirjaye Santos
It's so cool to finally meet you in person. Keep on supporting my looks on Lookbook! Hahaha See you around :)
I asked random shoppers to wear the sunglasses I'm selling. Haha
I finally get to talk with Seph and Shai of Love Chic 
Nice meeting you guys!
We should hang out sometime, photoshoot sa tabi tabi. Haha
The next superstar, Vern Enciso!
Walang sinabi necklace ko sa gold necklace mo! Haha
Kooki Buhain of Death by Platforms
Kudos for wearing leather jacket + velvet pants!

Curves and Bon #CoolHair #Legit
Neil Palteng of ManilaKid
Thanks for dropping by, we should do a photoshoot again soon. Game?
Danah and Ral
Reg Rodriguez trying to make fun of my lookbook pose.
I also saw Tin Iglesias at the FFT Booth. Hello!!! #Pretty
Alberto Soria
Alberto and his friends attacked my booth and they are super funny.
Alberto: What's your name?
Me: Aivan Magno
Alberto: Are you a blogger?
Me: Yes! Follow my blog, aivanmagno.blogspot.com *points at the tarpaulin* Pero hindi ako masyado sikat eh..
Alberto and his friends: Okay lang yan, pasisikatin ka namin.

Hahaha! Aasahan ko yan ah :D
RM Marcelo has the cutest bow tie!
Patrick Cratius
Is that a Versace top? Coolio!
My suki, Aries Llavore. It's nice to see you again! See you sa mga events :)
Thanks for buying my favorite Igorot Sweater, I can't wait for your Lookbook post!
I finally saw Aisa, grabbed her and asked someone to take our picture!
Congratulations for a successful event. Kailan ang BU4?
Raleene's sister, Rizza is the coolest! It's so cool how my siblings got along very well with Ral, Rizza and Ate Gigi.
Rizza's drawing of Ral. Haha!
I asked Rizza to draw me. Thank you! What's the name of that app again? I want to download it on our iPad :)
I finally have a picture with you unlike last year!
Tell Jonard and Neil, photoshoot ulit tayo!
I went to Eden and Vanessa's booth to say hi. They were so busy, so I left. Haha
A few minutes later, Vanessa went to my booth! Haha
I promise to give you a transparent umbrella from Japan. Will also convince the family to visit Cebu soon.

Cool Hair!
Hello Mocha!
I hope you had fun that day and see you around :)
Zoe Venegas
Ngayon ko lang napansin, we're both wearing shredded shorts/jeans + necklace. Coolio!
Kenneth Tan
Cool Union Jack Shirt, is it DIY? I want one! Nice meeting you :)
Paul the PR Guy
Ang ganda ng camera mo!
The brother and sister
Thanks so much for being my sales lady and buying me Jollibee. Haha

I'm so proud of my siblings for looking good that day.

Keep on sending our photos together last Saturday. I will make another post with our pictures.
If you also have an outfit shot of me, please send it here:

Thanks sooo much for buying from our booth and dropping by. I've met and made a lot of friends that day. #Happiness

I can't wait for BU4!!!


  1. *dies of inget*
    can't believe I missed this and those shorts(legs)! hahahah

    shoot tayo aivan for real na lez plan this

  2. Yes DIY :)) go make one.Express your creativity :D I want ur studded leather jacket.

  3. Ian, hahaha, super scandalous talaga yang shredded shorts na yan! Yes, after I replenish my Igorot Sweaters, shoot na!

  4. Kenneth, I don't think I can do that! Mas kaya ko pa if chair/table ang i-drawing :)) Thanks for dropping by our booth!

    1. Ahahahaha!Ow okay :)) pero it'll look good on ya if u have one.Sorry wasn't able to buy anything.But I do love your booth. :D

  5. omg I didn't see the pink hello kitty sunglasses!do you still have that? xD

    1. ps: yes I had a blast because I was able to meet you! thank you for the picture :)

    2. Andrea, Wala na eh, I sold it to Arriane already. Thanks for the photo too :)

  6. Okay. I saw my face and my friend's. haha! Thanks Aivan! Gonna wear your/my boots tomorrow for school! :-)


    1. Awesome! I got it nung January lang from Korea, can't wait to see your outfit post! Nice meeting you :) And thanks for buying :)

  7. i'Am so thrilled to see myself being part of your post!!!
    Thank you so much!
    That money exchange moment was unforgettable. :D
    It means the world to me.

    Hope to see you again soon!!!

    ~ http://zoeonhowlifeis.blogspot.com/

    1. Hello Zoe, hahaha, oo nga eh, ang random nun! Nice meeting you :) See ya sa mga events :)


    1. Hello Anonymous, what your name? Haha Do you like me or like me like me? Haha

  9. Hi Aivan!

    When I saw you at BU3 event, napatitig ako sa shoes mo. Is that Creepers? Tama ba? I just want to ask kung san nakakabili niyan kasi I want it too. Hehe.

    Thanks and hope to see you again. (BU4 i guess.. hehe.)

    1. Hello Ringo Has A Star!

      I got my shoes at Japan, yeah, Creepers sya but not for Dr Martens (the real thing), so I guess my Creepers are knockoffs from Harajuku, Japan. You can buy sa Dr Martens and sa mga online shops.

      Yes, see you on December for BU4! *crossing fingers*


  10. I like you! haha I'm a fan. I didn't get to go to BU3 cause I live far.

    1. Awesome! Thanks. Sayang, maybe for the next installment of Bloggers United Bazaar you can drop by na.. :)