21 June 2012

Reese Lansangan x Primitive Revival

 Reese Lansangan of reeseypeasy
I love wearing my Igorot stuff overseas simply because it makes you look like a vodoo doll or mangkukulam for foreigners and they will give you the funniest looks.

So, when Reese told me she'll wear the Igorot Vest (that she got from me last year at the Bloggers United Bazaar 2) in Cambodia while temple hopping, I got really excited!

Here are some photos from her blog!
 Is that a pineapple bag? #CutenessOverload
This vest is extra special because I added studs to make it more kickass. LOL

 I haven't been to Cambodia and her photos made me want to go there like now na. I had a #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoneyMoment

 I will convince the folks to go there soon!

Check out more of Reese's photos here:
The best Primitive Revival look I've seen!

Maraming Maraming Salamat Reese!

See you soon :D

Photos by Reese Lansangan

June 2012

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  1. Nice!!! I heard Cambodia was really nice. :D I love the vest and the studs made it more beautiful. Or shall I say anything with studs will be my fave!! wahahaha :D