06 June 2012

Blue Cheese

Mustard Jeans, Chatuchak, Thailand
Studded Shoes, Granville Road, Hong Kong
Bag, Thailand

I went to the Bank today to deposit all the money I earned last Saturday at the Bloggers United Bazaar. #ThankYou #ChinaBank #Savings #OverDressed

Don't forget to send our photos here: aivanmagno@yahoo.com
I promise to make another post about it!

Hang Ten PH gave me a gift certificate worth 1000PHP and got this cool necklace for 300+
The flannel shirt is actually from their Spring/Summer Collection too which reminds me so much of Dsquared2 and Perry The Platapus

I'm really digging Hang Ten's new look, very UK High Street meets Boy Scout.

Briefcases are for businessmen as cassette tape bags are for bloggers. LOL

I also wore my Christian Louboutin knockoffs.


Gimme some <3

 June 2012


  1. The bag!! and the shoes!! <3

  2. been seeing so much good stuff that came from bangkok! : O I love ur bag! <3 sell that next blogger's bazaar pls XD

    1. Hahaha I will try to sell that on the next Bloggers United Bazaar, I have a strong connection with my stuff. #Whuutt Can't let go of things.. HAHA

  3. Your Louboutin's are to die for!!!
    and i want your baaag!
    I noticed Hang Ten has truly evolved.

    ~ http://zoeonhowlifeis.blogspot.com/

    1. Yessir! Ang dami magaganda pa na bags, wala lang ako pera. Haha