30 June 2012


 Shirt, Bangkok
DIY Shredded Shorts, Guess
Socks, Topman
Shoes, Harajuku, Japan
Sunnies, SM Department Store

#PosturaPH - Day 17
This outfit looks familiar, no?
Well, that's because this is what I wore during the Bloggers United Bazaar a few weeks ago.
I didn't have time to take outfit shots during the event so I wore the same outfit last Sunday.

As promised, here are the photos you guys sent/tweeted:

The only decent photo I have with Raleene and it's candid pa. Haha
Photos by Mark Dizon
 Green and Red
Aries Llavore
Yellow and Green
Photos by Zirjaye Santos
Hello, Andi Comia!
 Albert Soria
 See you next Friday for the OMG Yahoo! Awards Night, Partick Cratius!
I still can't get over your cute bow, RM Marcelo!
David Guison took these photos!
Check out the Blogger Rangers: Seph, Shai and I. Haha
Lanz Paolo
The super friendly, Edward Van Martija who is now sporting green hair!
 It was nice meeting you Jansen Ayson!
 Photos by Mike Magallanes
 The controversial legs
Mike: Are you wearing underwear?
Me: *showed Mike the underwear* Yeah, mayroon naman. Haha
Zoe Venegas

I can't wait for your thesis, Nicole Santos!!!

Thank you so much for the photos!!!

See you all on Bloggers United 4 :)

Gimme some <3
June 2012

25 June 2012


 Fedora, SM Department Store
Lego Shirt, Bangkok
Shorts, SM Department Store
Socks, SM Department Store
Boots, Dr Martens

 #PosturaPH - Day 16
 Subic Bay Yacht Club
 Breakfast Buffet!
Round 1: Pancakes
Round 2: Fish and Beef
Round 3: Omelette Au Fromage
Round 4: Chocolate Jelly

Trivia: I always try to plate like a chef on buffets. Yung pancake effort! #Fail

And if you have time, check out Michael Amio's blog!

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June 2012

21 June 2012

Reese Lansangan x Primitive Revival

 Reese Lansangan of reeseypeasy
I love wearing my Igorot stuff overseas simply because it makes you look like a vodoo doll or mangkukulam for foreigners and they will give you the funniest looks.

So, when Reese told me she'll wear the Igorot Vest (that she got from me last year at the Bloggers United Bazaar 2) in Cambodia while temple hopping, I got really excited!

Here are some photos from her blog!
 Is that a pineapple bag? #CutenessOverload
This vest is extra special because I added studs to make it more kickass. LOL

 I haven't been to Cambodia and her photos made me want to go there like now na. I had a #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoneyMoment

 I will convince the folks to go there soon!

Check out more of Reese's photos here:
The best Primitive Revival look I've seen!

Maraming Maraming Salamat Reese!

See you soon :D

Photos by Reese Lansangan

June 2012

18 June 2012


 Varsity Jacket, Xavier School
Camouflage Tee, Thrifted
Jeans, Chatuchak Market, Thailand
Creepers, Harajuku, Japan
Bag, Thailand

 #PosturaPH - Day 15
 I dyed my hair to green again. LOL

This is what I wore for a photoshoot for Vivro Magazine, an online magazine by young and talented UST/UP stutents. Thanks so much for getting me as a model despite being too short, skinny and pale! Hahaha

It's my first time to "model" so I don't know what to wear going to the studio, I think I'm kinda overdressed. 

Photos by NFF, Pau Villanueva

Watch out for the last issue on June 30!

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June 2012

09 June 2012


Flannel, Hang Ten
Olive Shorts, Hang Ten
Black Shorts, Bench
Blue Socks, SM Department Store
Boots, Dr Martens
Necklace, Hang Ten
Bag, Thailand
Just chilled at a coffee shop near our subdivision today. #LazySaturdays
 Just in case you're wondering, I'm shooting at our neighbor's front yard. Our house looks like a doghouse garage next to their house. I will try to ask the owner if I can blog about it soon. Haha!
#PosturaPH - Day 14

Oh, for the title, I think it's avocado season, it's raining avocados in our house #Exaggerating and I love it! #AvocadoSoup

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June 2012

06 June 2012

Blue Cheese

Mustard Jeans, Chatuchak, Thailand
Studded Shoes, Granville Road, Hong Kong
Bag, Thailand

I went to the Bank today to deposit all the money I earned last Saturday at the Bloggers United Bazaar. #ThankYou #ChinaBank #Savings #OverDressed

Don't forget to send our photos here: aivanmagno@yahoo.com
I promise to make another post about it!

Hang Ten PH gave me a gift certificate worth 1000PHP and got this cool necklace for 300+
The flannel shirt is actually from their Spring/Summer Collection too which reminds me so much of Dsquared2 and Perry The Platapus

I'm really digging Hang Ten's new look, very UK High Street meets Boy Scout.

Briefcases are for businessmen as cassette tape bags are for bloggers. LOL

I also wore my Christian Louboutin knockoffs.


Gimme some <3

 June 2012