05 May 2012

Guinness Book of World Records

DIY Studded Leather Jacket, Thrifted
Skulls Shirt, Thailand
Acid Wash Jeans, Topman
Boots, Dr Martens
Radio Bag, Thailand

Fuji-Q-Highland + Mt. Fuji + Tokyo Tower = Day 5
 Eejanaika - the roller coaster that has the most inversions in the world.
 Takabisha - the steepest roller coaster having a drop angle of 121°.

Ice Cream Vendo Machine!

 Japan's version of the Karinderya: Hotto Motto
The family's favorite restaurant!

 #BestDressed for Day 5
Trivia: My brother is wearing an Igorot Sweater from Baguio City. #PrimitiveRevival
Oh, we went to the Tokyo Tower before going home. Our itinerary is really intense. Haha

Japan 2012


  1. We were copying this famous Japanese blogger, pero fail eh. Ang galing nya masyado sa jumpshots. Haha

  2. i love your blog, and all the photos!! wish I could visit there some day..
    following you now :)


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