07 April 2012

Roast Turkey

Fedora, SM Department
Necklace, Topman
Shirt, Thrifted
Snakeskin Jeans, Topman
Green Boots, Dr Martens
Igorot Bag, Baguio City
 My brother and I went to Ayutthaya (2 hours away from Bangkok) while the rest of the family shop at Platinum Mall. We took a shuttle van from Bangkok to Ayutthaya and hired a Tuktuk Driver to take us from different temples.

An old lady saw us taking this shot with a tripod and said we look cute. #Kilig
I hate standing next to my brother. He makes me look like a midget.
I know Ayutthaya is nothing compared to Cambodia's Angkor Wat but I really enjoyed this day trip. I haven't been to Cambodia so I can't really compare.
#PosturaPH  - Day 7

I know some of you are sick of my Thailand photos, don't worry, I have one outfit post left nalang! Haha

Ayutthata 2012


  1. I want your shirt. I want your shirt. I want your shirt. Akin na laaaaang!!!


  2. This has got to be my favorite look of you so far. And you and your brother are color coordinated pa ah. Lurve eet!