25 March 2012

Primitive Revival x Postura Project

Blue Sweater, Baguio City
Shorts, Sm Department store
Green Socks, Sm Department Store
Green Boots, Dr Martens

Last year, I challenged a few bloggers if they can wear my Igorot pieces without losing their personal styles and called the project: Primitive Revival. A lot of people asked me why and I would always answer, "I always wanted to be different. One day, I just realized why not wear the Igorot Vest with a studded leather jacket?" Baguio City has always been close to my heart because I was born there. Haha! I'm not a native though. My parents were having a vacation with whole family and mama bear forgot it was her due date. #middlechild

Moving on, it's really cool what David Guison and his friends are doing with Postura Project. They have reference, a vision and an awesome team of creative people. I asked David to wear my Igorot stuff last year so I can't really say no to his challenge to wear something local for 30 days. Besides, I always wear something Igorot everyday.

This project is by Sarah Meier , Arriane Serafico , Knox Balbastro and David Guison.
I think I need to hangout with Knox Balbastro, she has the coolest tribal prints!

Here's my first look for the Postura Project:
 #PosturaPH - Day 1

I love wearing my Igorot stuff overseas and I think this is my first time to wear shorts on the airport! LOL

Thailand 2012


  1. this is nice, aivan and im jealous youre always travelling! hehe

  2. V, I can't wait for Bloggers United 3!!! And thank you, I can't wait to see you all chica cebuanos on May :)

  3. pwede ka ng pumalit dun sa model sa train :D hehe