31 March 2012


Fedora, SM Department Store
Polka Shirt, American Boulevard
Cardigan, SM Department Store
Snakeskin Jeans, Topman
Green Boots, Dr Martens
Igorot Bag, Baguio City
 The brother and I went to Ayutthaya from Bangkok (to see the famous, Wat Mahathat and ride a freaking elephant) while the rest of the family shop at Platinum Mall.

We took a shuttle van (60 Baht per person) from Mo Chit and hired a tuktuk upon arriving at Ayutthaya, 100 Baht per person, not bad!
The Princess!
 Tripod + Obligatory Jump Shot + 35'C = MLIA
Mumomodel sa tabi-tabi. LOL
Elephant Ride for 30 minutes, 400 Baht per person! #mahal
#PosturaPH - Day 4

 This Thai girl made me blush a little when she asked me if she can have a photo with us:


Ayutthaya 2012

30 March 2012

Cookies and Cream

DIY Shredded Shirt, SM Department Store
DIY Shredded Shorts, Guess
Blue Socks, SM Department Store
Red Boots, Dr Martens

 My dad insisted on going to Pattaya Beach even though I told him it would be a waste of (shopping) time because there's nothing much to do there except for swimming.
Everyone in the family didn't like the beach except for me. I know it's not as white as the ones we have here but I enjoyed people watching and walking by the shore with my Dr Martens. Haha!
#PosturaPH - Day 3

Hello, shoulders and legs!

Pattaya Beach 2012

27 March 2012

Apple Pie

Long Sleeves, Folded and Hung x Lorico
Leather Jeans, Topman
Red Boots, Dr Martens
 Centara Grand at Central World
Triple Bed Suite (3 Double Beds + 1 Sofa Bed)
The shower area reminds me of Bamboozled.
 First Destination: Wat Arun along Chao Phraya River

Dr Martens Family!
#PosturaPH - Day 2

Wat Arun

Thailand 2012

25 March 2012

Primitive Revival x Postura Project

Blue Sweater, Baguio City
Shorts, Sm Department store
Green Socks, Sm Department Store
Green Boots, Dr Martens

Last year, I challenged a few bloggers if they can wear my Igorot pieces without losing their personal styles and called the project: Primitive Revival. A lot of people asked me why and I would always answer, "I always wanted to be different. One day, I just realized why not wear the Igorot Vest with a studded leather jacket?" Baguio City has always been close to my heart because I was born there. Haha! I'm not a native though. My parents were having a vacation with whole family and mama bear forgot it was her due date. #middlechild

Moving on, it's really cool what David Guison and his friends are doing with Postura Project. They have reference, a vision and an awesome team of creative people. I asked David to wear my Igorot stuff last year so I can't really say no to his challenge to wear something local for 30 days. Besides, I always wear something Igorot everyday.

This project is by Sarah Meier , Arriane Serafico , Knox Balbastro and David Guison.
I think I need to hangout with Knox Balbastro, she has the coolest tribal prints!

Here's my first look for the Postura Project:
 #PosturaPH - Day 1

I love wearing my Igorot stuff overseas and I think this is my first time to wear shorts on the airport! LOL

Thailand 2012