15 January 2012


Nami Island
The romantic setting of Winter Sonata, a Korean Drama show. It reminded me of Winterfell from my new favorite series: The Game of Thones.
Getting there is a bit tricky. There are two options:
1. ShuttleBus from Jamsil Station (Reservation) + Ferry Ride
2. Bus: DongSeoul - Chuncheon + Taxi (10mins) + Ferry Ride

Trivia: That's a lake behind me that got frozen! #Intense

 The sweetest couple I know, Mama Bear and Papa Bear!

 Snow Angel!
 Sky Biking

The Blogger Pose

Nami Island

2 January 2012


  1. Nice photos! I've always wanted to go to Korea. lol @ the blogger pose haha.

  2. Great post, I like the family photos especially the pee-ka-boo and blogger pose! And, awesome outfit by the way, I like your funky hair! ^_^

  3. Kenneth, Korea is awesome! Koreans are very nice and good looking :p

  4. Lartijunkies, that was my mom's idea! I think she got it from me. Haha Thank you!

  5. ang cuteeee naman ng blogger pose nyo! <3 and im still jealoooous.