08 January 2012

2011: Trial and Error

 I would love to write something profound and deep about everything that has happened to me this past year and thank the people who helped me through but, truth be told, words fail me.


I have had good years and bad years before but never a year like 2011.

It has been a year full of trial and error, from relationships to my dying (pun intended) hair.

Here's a roundup to see where I've been and how far I've come:

16 January 2011: The day I bleached my virgin hair

13 February 2011 - 15 February 2011: Boracay + Red Hair

March: School. School. School. Nothing interesting happened during this month really. LOL

Monochromatic and Color Blocking

Green Hair + nauna ko kay Lady Gaga #justsaying

2 June 2011 - 6 June 2011: Singapore
I learned a lot about traveling and gave me a bunch of ideas about beautiful architecture.

 16 July 2011 - 18 July 2011: Hong Kong + Intense Red Hair + First Comme des Garcon!
 Primitive Revival

August: Spants + My Birthday Month (Sadly, there's nothing special about this month, bawi ako this year!)

September: Bamboozled


  15 October 2011 - 17 October 2011: Hong Kong + Macao + ZAIA + House of Dancing Water

 18 November 2011: Graduation Day = Officially Unemployed

 3 December 2011: Bloggers United 2
December: Dusit Thani Christmas Tree: Llamas Family
Maligayang Pasko!

Will end this post with a prayer to thank God with all the blessing and opportunites 2011 gave me:

Dear God,

      Thank you for all the blessings and opportunities you have given me despite my shortcomings. Only you and my family knows how annoying, moody and masungit I get sometimes and I'm very thankful because they keep up and love me unconditionally. Thank you so much for giving me the most hardworking and loving parents.

     May we have more love and laughter to share this year.

7 January 2011

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