10 December 2011

The Doctor Is In

I attended Dr Martens' #FirstAndForever Opening at the Fort Strip with my brother and sister hoping we would win a pair of Docs. #Fail

Decided to take black and white photos for a change. #Dramatic #StreetStyle #WhatDoYouThink?
 Killer Scarf, H&M
Gingham Shirt, SM Department Store
Green Igorot Vest, Baguio City
 DIY Bleached Jeans, Bench
Jade Boots, Dr Martens
 The store is surprisingly small. It reminded me of a mobile home (trailer).

 UK High Street Fashion in Manila!
 Radioactive Sago Project
 At dahil wala kaming photos last Saturday (Bloggers United Bazaar) sobrang sinulit na namin kanina!

 We should have a photoshoot soon, after I replenish my Primitive Revival stuff, are you up for it?
I can't wait to buy a new pair of Docs for our Korea trip.

What should I get?


Dr Martens 2011


  1. Natawa ako when you said na dapat may pictures na tayo next time. haha. Oh well, learn from experience nalang! you didn't have a photo rin pala! Haha! :) Followed!