11 November 2011


My thesis-exhibit, Jak 'en Poy has kept me sick and busy since July.

Bamboozled is the name of my group (with Tebs Gomez and Lourdes Reyes) because the main material we used is bamboo.
The group's inspiration is the feeling that you get when you're standing in the middle of a bamboo grove. That's why we divided the bathroom into five cylindrical spaces (shower, bathtub, lavatory, toilet and a vanity) without losing its ergonomics or space planning.
In between the shower area and bathtub are recessed shelves for towels.
We hid the toilet at the upper right corner for privacy but giving an easy access to the lavatory.
 Another inspiration is the Bahay Kubo that's why we kept all the bamboo raw and natural showing different applications and technique in each circles.
We used the Black Oriental Bamboo (a rare kind that we got from Tebs' farm in Laguna) for the vanity giving it a sexier look.
Water Closet with our version of a wood parquet but in bamboo to emphasize the circleness of the room.
We used cement for the flooring to give contrast and compliment the bamboo's texture and color.
Pwedeng pwede na mag-party sa tub!
This photo screams "come and join me!!!" Hahaha!
Instead of using frosted glass, we sandwiched two acrylic sheets with cross section bamboos, strategically putting the small ones at the bottom and the bigger ones on top.
Our design is conceptual, very subtle and quiet.
We focused on the material instead of having a theme.
Showcasing what you can do with bamboo: you can bend and cut it, use it as a lighting fixture, as a wall and an accent for your stairs and somehow pay homage to the bahay kubo and bamboo handcrafts.
Believe it or not, some of the bamboos, we cut and sand ourselves.

Thanks so much for taking care of me!
The best groupmates ever!

 Ang mga bagong kontrabida sa primetime bida.


Photos by Tebs Gomez


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