18 October 2011

Xie Xie, Bai Bai!

 Good Morning Macao!
The View
 Morning swim workout!
 One of the coolest McDonald's I've seen in my life!
 City of Dreams McDonald's
 Film Strip Backsplash!
I still don't know why we went here.
 My sister and I got lost (-ish) because of this picture!
 New Favorite Food: Pork Bun
Garlic Bread + Butter + Pork = Nomnomnom!
 Chicken Chops!
 Lumu-lookbook sa kalye!
Dad's turn! LOL
 Senado-City of Dreams (Cotai)
 Dragon's Treasure is an indoor laser-water-light show for 30mins.
The House of the Dancing Water is the shiznitz!
 Thanks so much mom and Dad!
Goodbye Macao!

I shall return for the Skywalk and Bungee Jumping!

Macao 2011


  1. another great set of photos :) seems like ur having a lot of fun :)

  2. Thanks Abby! Hahaha I'm trying to put more words with my blog posts, I just can't write something interesting and funny!

  3. your younger bro's so angas! hahahah

  4. "babies" i only saw this now.....BOO YOU haha! missing this place :(