03 October 2011

Ava Nicole Marie Te x Primitive Revival

 I love how Ava transformed the Igorot Prints into a laid-back and relax outfit.
 Spotted: Shangrila Mall!
 In Interior Design, we call that necklace, tassels, a handmade pillow/curtain fabric decoration.
I love your paint splash shirt, it gave me an idea for my next DIY project!

Maraming Salamat for taking the Primitive Revival Challenge!

Photos by Ava

October 2011


  1. i am lovin the concept of wearing tribal pieces, and style it depending on your personality. :)

  2. A! Can't wait to try this Primitive Challenge! Just tell me when I can borrow those stuff :)

  3. Denise, Awesome ! Maraming Salamat!

  4. Jeje, see you soon sa Exhibit! Let's talk about it there =)