05 October 2011

Aisa Ipac x Primitive Revival

 Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums
 Now, this is Primitive Revival at it's best!
 Aisa's 'do reminds me of this:
But her wavy hair (Digital Perm? Sosyal!) made it look more contemporary!
 Patterns ♥
Tribal Chic at its best!
One of the best Primitive Revival look so far because the Igorot Cardigan didn't standout but complimented and completed the whole look. And it's subtle and very wearable!

Stylist talaga!

Maraming Salamat Aisa!

Can't wait to show you my exhibit =)

Photos by Aisa

October 2011



  1. one of my faves from the primitive revival looks! galing ni Aisa i'd love to do one too! \m/ btw i'm hoping to drop by your exhibit (thinking of grabbing a friend to come with me) haha

  2. Ian, that would be awesome! Please do drop by our exhibit, entrance is free!!!

    Di pa nila binabalik my Igorot Pieces but will let you know asap para you can maybe do a Primitive Revival look too :D

  3. aivan, sure! just let me know kahit thru FB nlng.

  4. Hi! Did you design the cardigan, and if you did, are you still selling any? I really love the print and colors! :)

  5. Hello Lauren! I didn't design the cardigan!!! I got it from Baguio City. I'll be selling all of my Igorot Pieces on the upcoming Bloggers United Bazaar :D

    See you there!