05 August 2011

Mang Inasal loves you!

Teatrino: What happened to letter N?


I think I had three glasses of this (Apple-Pineapple with Vodka?)

I would kill for Mang Inasal's Lumpiang Sardinas!

 I had so much fun with these people! Surprisingly, Mang Inasal knows how to throw an event. I can't wait for more events like this. Tuwang tuwa ako sa mga performers.
See you all soon!
I know Thysz and my FFT family would kill me because of this. I just can't say no to Happy Lemon!
Before going home, I went to Happy Lemon to order my favorite drinks:
 Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese
Milk Tea with Puff Cream

Sadly, I don't have an outfit photo.


  1. aww i skipped this happy lemon :( but at least it was a great night with you guys! shocks, have to blog this soon!

  2. Ava! You should try it some time :) Yes, Aisa just blogged about it. What happened to the Mang Inasal Challenge?