07 August 2011

Can you pull it off?


Sagada Weaving Bag

I'll be asking Filipino bloggers to wear one (or more) of my Igorot Pieces and give them the challenge to make it contemporary without losing their personal styles.

I can already imagine Karl in an all red ensemble wearing the red Igorot vest with his sky high heels!

These pieces, by the way, are all handwoven products by the Igorot-Ifugao people.

I'm so excited to see my fellow bloggers with these Igorot pieces!!!

For the meantime, here are some photos of my collaboration with the people behind Manilakid:

Thank you so much Manilakid Team for translating my feelings and thoughts into words. More power to you guys!!!


  1. Hello, I have an old Sagada bag that needs replacing. Do you know if I can get one by post?
    Thanks, Simon Rayner

  2. I've been desperate to find a bagpack like the one in the picture. I'm planning to buy it next year but I have no idea where to buy it. Where did you buy yours and how much is it?

  3. Simon Rayner, awesome! Thank you for supporting our indigenous tribes here in the Philippines. Are you still interested with buying a Sagada bag? I can refer you to someone who sells it.

    1. Hello Aivan,
      Yes I'm still interested in buying a bag. I live in the UK. Can you refer me to your friend who sells them?

      Simon Rayner

  4. Sillymilly! You can buy the Sagada Weaving bags (backpack, body bag, shoulder bag) at Sagada for 400PHP-600PHP. If it's too far for you then checkout SM Baguio. They also sell Sagada Weaving Bags for 800PHP-1000PHP. I think you can also find some Sagada Handwoven stuff at palengkes/markets :)

  5. Do you know if I could get a Sagada bag shipped to the US?

  6. Hey guys, if interested in buying any of the Sagada Weaving backpacks, you might wanna check the official website, they might be able to help you out.

    Here's the link: http://sagadaweaving1968.com/

  7. HI Aivan. do you know anyone who sells Sagada Weaving backpacks in Manila? been looking for one to replace my backpack i use when i travel and climb mountains. always been a huge fan and supporter of native culture and arts. :)