09 August 2011

Aivan Magno X Manilakid

When Jonard, Editor-In-Chief of Manilakid and Nicole, Fashion Editor of Manilakid asked for a collaboration, I took the opportunity to promote the Primitive Revival or Ifugao Fashion that I have been sporting for the past few months.

We walked around the streets of Ortigas wearing my Igorot pieces. Mind you, it was scorching hot but it didn't stop us.
Nicole Santos
Igorot meets Dainty-Bohemian
Jonard Palteng
Igorot meets Preppy Boy

The Bickering Brothers

Neil Palteng
Igorot meets Denim Laidback
Jonard kept on saying, "Find the light, honey!"
I dyed my hair violet for this photoshoot.
It's always a pleasure to talk and discuss ideas with amazing people who share the same vision for our country. 

I'm looking forward for more awesomeness from the Manilakid Team and more coffee/tea session, please! Even if it means walking at a carinderya street at Ortigas :)

Check out my feature and interview on Manilakid:

Fusing Ifugao Inspired Outfits and Trompe-L’œil Ceilings

By Aivan Magno 


August 2011


  1. HAHAHA!!!I remembered the time we walked at the carinderya street.Parang tayo ang ulam sa eyes nila.haha!Had a great time with you Aivan!See you again soon!:)

  2. Hahahaha Yes! Sooooooonnnn! I-plano nyo na yan ni Jonard! Pag ibabalik na nila sweater ko!