21 August 2011


Yearbook Creative Photoshoot

19 August 2011

For He's A Jolly Good Fellow..

This is what I wore last Monday, 15 August 2011 for my Burrrfffday.
Black Bone Tie from OS Accessories!
I can't wait to see my fellow bloggers rock the Primitive Revival style.
Black Shirt, Comme des Garçons
Black Bone Tie Necklace, Os Accessories
Acid Wash Skinny Jeans, Topman
Jade Boots, Dr Martens

Photos by Paul Jatayna

For he's a jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good fellow,
Which nob'dy can deny.
Which nob'dy can deny.
Which nob'dy can deny.
For he's a jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good fellow,
Which nob'dy can deny.

August 2011

18 August 2011

Paul Jatayna x Primitive Revival

 Paul Jatayna of paulhighness
 Print Blocking at its best!
I'm so happy to see and collaborate with Paul again.
I also noticed how his fashion taste evolved since our last photoshoot (2010). 
I'm so proud of you Paul!

Thank you very much for taking the challenge and for being an awesome photographer!
I can't wait to wear more of your masterpiece, OS Accessories.

See you soon!

Maraming Salamat Paul!

August 2011

14 August 2011


 Black Scapula from OS Accessories

Polkadot Shirt, American Boulevard
Black Scapula Necklace, OS Accessories
Brown Skinny Carrot, Topman
Blue Socks, SM Department Store
Jade Boots, Dr Martens

OS is releasing a capsule black collection very soon and I heard it's very limited! Thank you so much Paul Jatayna for this opportunity to wear one of your masterpiece! 

Check out their site for more details!

Photos by Paul Jatayna

13 August 2011

Nicole Santos x Primitive Revival

 Nicole Santos of nicolethedressupdoll
The first girl to take the Primitive Revival Challenge!
 I love how Nicole combined a lace top with the Red Igorot Vest. She sure knows how to play with texture and color!

Maraming Salamat Nicole!

August 2011

John Leynard Palteng x Primitive Revival

 Jonard Palteng of Manilakid
Jonard shows us how an Ivy League student would wear an Igorot Sweater.

Maraming Salamat Jonard!

August 2011

Neil Palteng x Primitive Revival

 Neil Palteng of tripleespressoshots
 Denim + Top Hat + Igorot Vest and Cardigan = Laid-back at its best!

The first guy to take the Primitive Revival Challenge, thank you so much Neil!
More power to you and the Manilakid team :)

Maraming Salamat Neil!

August 2011

12 August 2011

The Superhero

3D Glasses from Universal Studios Singapore
 Look at what Wolverine did to my shirt!

DIY Shredded Shirt, SM Department Store
Orange Shorts, Kids of Bayo
Green Socks, SM Department Store
Jade Boots, Dr Martens
3D Glasses, Universal Studios Singapore

Photos by Paul Jatayna

09 August 2011

Aivan Magno X Manilakid

When Jonard, Editor-In-Chief of Manilakid and Nicole, Fashion Editor of Manilakid asked for a collaboration, I took the opportunity to promote the Primitive Revival or Ifugao Fashion that I have been sporting for the past few months.

We walked around the streets of Ortigas wearing my Igorot pieces. Mind you, it was scorching hot but it didn't stop us.
Nicole Santos
Igorot meets Dainty-Bohemian
Jonard Palteng
Igorot meets Preppy Boy

The Bickering Brothers

Neil Palteng
Igorot meets Denim Laidback
Jonard kept on saying, "Find the light, honey!"
I dyed my hair violet for this photoshoot.
It's always a pleasure to talk and discuss ideas with amazing people who share the same vision for our country. 

I'm looking forward for more awesomeness from the Manilakid Team and more coffee/tea session, please! Even if it means walking at a carinderya street at Ortigas :)

Check out my feature and interview on Manilakid:

Fusing Ifugao Inspired Outfits and Trompe-L’œil Ceilings

By Aivan Magno 


August 2011

07 August 2011

Can you pull it off?


Sagada Weaving Bag

I'll be asking Filipino bloggers to wear one (or more) of my Igorot Pieces and give them the challenge to make it contemporary without losing their personal styles.

I can already imagine Karl in an all red ensemble wearing the red Igorot vest with his sky high heels!

These pieces, by the way, are all handwoven products by the Igorot-Ifugao people.

I'm so excited to see my fellow bloggers with these Igorot pieces!!!

For the meantime, here are some photos of my collaboration with the people behind Manilakid:

Thank you so much Manilakid Team for translating my feelings and thoughts into words. More power to you guys!!!