22 July 2011

Show me your luggage and I'll tell you who you are!

Tribal Cardigan, Baguio City
Blue Shirt, Ralph Lauren
Jeans, Topman
Boots, Dr Martens

The family went to Hong Kong for a shopping weekend. I still can't feel my left foot because of my Dr Martens. Hahaha! We took the Airport Express and complimentary shuttle bus to our hotel, Marco Polo Hong Kong. It's more expensive than the ordinary MTR and bus fare but it will take you to the city for 20 minutes only!
I can't wait to share all my "loots" and btw, I dyed my hair Rihanna Style because I have red hair in my passport, I thought the people in the Immigrations/Customs would be rude but they weren't so yehey!

What do you think of my hair? I might dye it to violet really soon :)

Hong Kong 2011


  1. Aivan! I love your jacket!!! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Melai! I'll send you our photos during the Smart X HTC Event, wait lang! Haha Thanks so much!