24 July 2011

Bloody Hell!

Day 2: Canton Road + Central + Causeway Bay + Mong Kok = Shop til you drop.. literally!  
 My folks gave me HK$1000 for shopping [I was not able to save my own money for this trip because of school (Party Tickets + Bingo Tickets + Field Trips)] So, thanks so much Mommy and Daddy!!!
 My favorite Hong Kong dollar bill! I just love the color and the transparent thingoo at the side.
 We stayed at the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel ( Did you know there are three Marco Polo Hotels in Hong Kong?).
Marco Polo Hotel - Hermes - Salvatore Ferragamo - Chanel - Louis Vuitton
I love how close our hotel is to the high end shops!
 We took the intense ferry to Central because my baby brother and sister haven't tried it yet. It's cheaper than the MTR too!

I can't wait to wear my first Comme des Garcons!
BTW, H&M is everywhere in Hong Kong!
 Gong Cha!
 I hate my skinny legs
 Lan Kwai Fong
Will definitely party there when I'm not with the family. Haha!
 Red Leather Jacket, Thrift Store
Red Plaid Shirt, Folded and Hung
Orange Shorts, Kids of Bayo
Red Socks, SM Department Store
White Plimsolls, H&M

Hong Kong 2011


  1. when i saw the picture of the money i thought the same! :D love the color, kind of girly! :p love, Ines

  2. I also love the 500 and 1000 Dollar Bill ;)


  3. We've linked back to your blog post on facebook.com/journeywithmarcopolo. Great pics! Thanks for staying with us!

  4. Will definitely stay there when I go back!

  5. nice pictures! yeah there are 3 marco polo hotels and they all looked the same to me and I went to the wrong hotel when I stayed there!