25 July 2011

Back to black!

The lobby of Manila Pavilion Hotel
 The family celebrated my mom, tito and tita's birthday at Seasons Restaurant.

 First Plate: Sushi + Salmon + Tuna
 Second Plate: Grilled Salmon + Super Duper Crispy Bacon 
 Blueberry and Cookies and Cream
 Buko Pandan and Strawberry
 And then, we went to the Mall of Asia for Milk Tea (I was so full na talaga pero I can't say no to Gong Cha!)
 We arrived a bit early for the show, kaya ito na ang obligatory outfit photos:
My sister wearing a thrifted jacket, floral top and orange skirt both from H&M and gaga heels from DAS.
Lumu-lookbook ka na ha!
 Tribal Cardigan, Cotton On
Studded Gray Shirt, DIY, Kids of Bayo
Gray Jeans, Topman
Black Boots without shoelace, Dr Martens

I decided to wear gray-black because I knew if I wear something colorful, people might think I'm part of the show.

 Just give me a net/ring/swing/crutches and I'll pass as an acrobat/performer.
My mom kept on telling me "Pwede ka nang Varekai character with your hair, bagay ka na dun!"

Who has the best jump? Ehem-Ehem.

Cirque du Soleil, Varekai 2011


  1. Love your jumping shots! Love how your red hair stands out :) Your sister is gorge!! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Melai, she'll be soo happy to hear that. Imight dye it violet real soon. What do you think?

    See you soon :)

  3. heard about your blog through melai's. love all the shots here and must give seasons a visit the next time i'm in manille! i totally miss my red hair looking at yours. mine got all faded out na :(


  4. Awwww... Thanks so much Melai!

    That's so cool Eden! You should definitely dye it back again. Or dye it to green/blue/violet :)