07 July 2011

Are you SMARTer than a 5th Grader?

New found friend, Vern Enciso, she's so prettyyyyyy!

The bloggers united people who didn't invite me sa bloggers united event aka my Zebra family! Hahaha
I love Aisa, she's super fun to be with! And I love talking to Melai, she shares the most interesting stories.

Zebras <3

My awesome tweet about the event! LOL

Long time no see, Paul! I'm glad I went to the event, thank you! Collab tayo soon!

I had so much fun last night at Opus, Resorts World. Smart and HTC sure knows how to throw a party!

I met a lot of good looking and fashionable people, fun fun fun fun fun night!

Opus x Smart x HTC


  1. Love the matching outfit with Aisa and Melai! :)

    Studded Bliss

  2. Jeje! Oo nga eh, it's so random! You should attend blogger events with me soon!