28 June 2010

Government Warning: Smoking Kills

Photos by Paul Jatayna

Black Balmain-esque Jacket, Topman
Destroyed Jeans, DIY
Black Boots, Dr Martens


  1. Aivan!followed you already.this outfit is divine!love the jacket :)

  2. aivan, i love what you're wearing here. and nice shots from paul!

  3. owwww!!! i have a jacket like this and i'm wearing it tomorrow! this post just made me more excited to wear it! i also told myself that the jacket was very emanuelle alt-ish/balmain-ish when i spotted mine! and i am in love with your jeans, babe!

  4. Nicole, thanks so much!!! Random Fact: I bought it(jacket)for its retail price. Little do I know, its gonna be on sale after a few weeks. AS@JA&*DHJKWGDH@S$DB!

    Kookie, I know, Paul Jatayna is awesome!!!

  5. KD, Awwwwww... That's awesome! I'm glad this made you wanna wear it more. Its definitely Balmain-esque! Lemme know how your look turns out tomorrow :)

  6. Amazing look! interesting blog too!:)
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  7. Fashion Corset, I can make one for you!

    ElekonChic, Thanks you so much!