17 November 2014

Shibuya, sha, sha, Shibuya, roll call!!!

As soon as we got back to Tokyo, I realized how spoiled and lazy we were back in Okinawa. We had a driver so we didn't commute, the bears buying whatever we want,  and an aunt who prepares good food. Can you just imagine how stingy we all got as soon as we got in charge of budgeting our money for food, transportation and shopping? HAHA
Two years ago, we went to Harajuku to see cosplayers and I found Takeshita Street - a pedestrian-only street with local funky stores and restaurants across Harajuku Station. This is also where I buy most of my pasalubongs and last-minute souvenirs. I remember spending three hours in Daiso buying cute stuff I don't really need.

After doing a little shopping (where's Mama Bear now that I need her?) we walked to Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park for some Japanese culture and foliage.

Since we were on a budget, we walked from Harajuku to Shibuya. Worst Idea Ever: Boots! 
We haven't been to the Famous Shibuya Crossing and we wanted to experience the moment of organized chaos (parang deconstructivism lang ah haha) in the streets. 

Here's the view from Shibuya 109
We didn't bother getting coffee at Starbucks Tsutaya because I researched it's the busiest Starbucks in the world!

If you're planning to check out the famous crossing, take the JR Yamanote Line to Shibuya Station and go out at Hachiko Exit. My advise is to visit during dinnertime to see neon lights and video screens, which gives you the feeling like you're in NY. 

We didn't stay that long tho because we had to meet up with our cousin in Odaiba for Sega Joypolis. 
That's what you guys get for sleeping on me!!! HAHA

A used to collect Gundam action figures. It was a treat for the 12 year old in him. Tourists have this theory it will come to life when Earth is under attack because the Japanese always build with function and purpose. 

Rainbow Bridge
It connects Odaiba to the rest of Tokyo. 
This was a treat for the I-haven't-been-in-New-York in me.
Our first decent meal of the day. 
A: You have to check out the comfort room!!!
Me: Why?
A: You'll see!!!

One of the crazy things you will only find in Japan: A urinal with an iPad
As soon as we got inside,  we tried all of the rides and shenanigans. Here's A and I if we were seals. HAHAHAHA
We also went inside Sadako Yamamamura's House! 
Let's just say what happens in Odaiba stays in Odaiba. HAHA

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This is just 1/2 of our shenanigans in Tokyo. I can't wait to share my BUxJapan Version where I met fellow Lookbookers, Kiko, Ashley and Gervin! 

13 November 2014

\(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

 And then there were three!

After spending ten days in Okinawa, my fellow bullies and I went back to mainland (Tokyo) while the bears headed back to the Philippines. Being the family's travel agency, I was able to squeeze in a couple of days to meet up with our cousin and fellow bloggers (but more on that later).

Tip: If you're planning to travel around Japan, then watch out for promo fares from Peach and Skymark Airlines. 

Whenever we're going to Japan, I would always ask Papa Bear if we can stay in a capsule hotel even just for a night. But he would always say it's not convenient and it's actually cheaper to book a hotel room than seven capsules - plus, he can't shower in a common bathroom!
Spending a night in a capsule hotel is probably the weirdest but coolest thing I've ever experience in my life. It's like putting yourself in a Japanese-Blue-Collar Worker's shoes. I reserved via booking.com and paid in cash only upon checking-in. The capsule is bigger than I expected but it still gave me the feeling like I'm in a coffin with a built-in television, alarm clock, outlet (you can charge your phone/laptop), and an adjustable dim light! I felt creeped out and amazed at the same time. There's nothing more liberating and empowering than taking a bathe in a common bathroom with ten naked Japanese.  It took me an hour to enter that room and almost considered not taking a shower for a day. My sister stayed in the women's floor with private showers and powder room -madaya! HAHA 
Photo from Booking.com
Photo from Booking.com
Photo from Booking.com

My best advise is to stay for one night for the experience and then move on because: One, they have strict rules about shuffling the capsules daily so you have to check out before 10am and come back at 4pm to check in again (if you're staying for more than one night - you can leave your baggage in the lobby). Two, you can't stay in one capsule and girls stay in a different floor.
Guests are not allowed to take pictures inside but A and I were able to take a few photos for instagram. HAHA

All in all, I would recommend staying in a capsule hotel to solo travelers on a budget, looking for a convenient location and a different perspective of Modern Japan.
Check out my review on Trip Advisor for the "how to get there and booking procedures"

More shenanigans in Tokyo soon!

14 October 2014


Long overdue post on our last three days in Okinawa!

When in Okinawa, one must visit Kouri Island, eat sushi at Hamazushi, check out the flowers in Bios on the Hill, and hang out at Tobaru Koen Park. 

Day 10, 11 and 12!
Will let the photos speak for themselves:

Midterms is just around the corner and as usual, I'm procrastinating! HAHA Hopefully, I get to post about our short trip back to mainland (Tokyo) before I really get busy with schoolwork. 

Okinawa, Japan
May 2014

04 September 2014

Biking under the influence!

 And then there were six.
Big Brother had to leave earlier because of work! He had a connecting flight to Nagoya where he stayed for a couple of days before finally going back to Manila. 

Anyway, we went to church to hear mass and then at Hilton Hotel for lunch to meet my aunt's friends in Japan. I didn't get to take photos for Instagram because I was so hungry. We always try to dress fancy whenever we're eating in a hotel. 

My aunt didn't have anything planned that day so my siblings and I decided to check out the comprehensive park near the neighborhood.
I didn't want to go (I'm not really an outdoor person)  but they told me we can drink while biking ;) So, I immediately changed my pants to shorts. HAHA
I always try the local beers of the countries I visit.
I should make a compilation of the beers I've tried, no?
Okinawa's Orion Beer
w/ my drinking Buddy, A

w/ my bullies
Koi Feeding

 Strange things I can do when drunk: 

Group-selfie with little Uchinanchyus!
 Despite the language barrier we managed to make small conversations and take selfies with the kids. My convo with a kid ended when he answered my question "Ogenki desu ka?" 
They thought we were Koreans too!

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More random stories soon!

Okinawa, Japan 2014